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Advantages of Air Freight Forwarding

Lufthansa Cargo Plane at Airport It is the real fact that logistics & supply chain is the backbone of industrial and financial growth of any country and world. Different transport modes are the part of logistics & supply chain. Freight forwarders, shippers and transporters are using different modes and many times multi-modes of transport . About multimodal transport which is main ways of cargo movement in these days will be discussed in other posts. I will write a seperate post about it again in our comming posts.  In this post we will discuss about the advantages of air transport mode for movement of cargos. We know that ait freight forwarding is fastest and modern mode but it is more expensive than shipping mode of transport. But some of very important advantages of air mode of movement of freight and cargos are as listed below.  Inventory costs are low in this mode. Important part is that breakage is negligible. The loss due to rough handling and pilferage is reduced to the

Handling of Imported Air Cargo In India

It is really important for every importers and air freight forwarders to manage proper handling of air cargo imported in India. Followings are the important things which have to keep in mind when you are using airways to import in India. consignments are arrives and intimation about its arrival is given by airline/break bulk agent by using cargo arrival notice and importar has to obtain the delivery order from airlines. Submitting a bill of entry on the electronic data interchange from Customs House Agent (CHA) and finalised bill of entry print out received for payment of duty. After payment of duty, the location of cargo is given by Airport Authority of India and goods produced for examination by the customs inspector. Goods are examined by customs. Out of charge is given both on EDI as well as on the hard copy. The Airport Authority of India's dues, challan-cum-gate pass are obtained and the payment is made. The  gate pass is presented for delivery of goods obtained.

Handling of Export Cargo From India by Air

It is really important for every exporters and air freight forwarders ti manage proper handling of air cargo exported from India. Followings are the important things which have to keep in mind when you are using airways to export from India. Lufthansa Cargo Plane is just waiting to fill up the cargo Submission of export documents with customs fro procession. One copy of GR1 form along with a copy each of other documents are detached and kept by the customs.  Documents are properly entered in the computer. Check-list which has to be obtained from system after verifying the adequacy of the documents and the shipping bill numbers obtained. Goods has to be taken into The Airport Authority of India terminal for examination, then obtained Export Order from the customs. After this location will be allotted and the goods has to be handed over to the Airport Authority of India. It is important that documents are handed over the shipper. The export promotion copy of the shipping b

Careers in Logistics

A webinar was organized by us on YouTube Live. In this webinar we will discuss about different careers in the field of Logistics and also discuss about how it is easy to become an independent logistics professionals. How the short skill development courses of Join Study will help you. You already know that people are always trying to join IT, Software and other Engineering sectors they also thinking for Product and marketing Management fields. But what are the great chances for career growth in Logistics sector is discussed here in this webinar. Here is a complete video of this webinar for our blog readers and public.

Evidentiary Effect of the Multimodal Transport Documents

Evidentiary Effect of the Multimodal Transport Documents :- 1)  The Multimodal Transport Document shall be prima facia evidence of the taking in charge by the Multimodal Transport Operator of goods as described therein. 2)   Proof of contrary by the Multimodal Transport Operator shall not be admissible if the Multimodal Transport Document issued in negotiable form and has been transferred to a third party, including a consignee, who has acted in good faith in reliance on the description of goods there in. Negotiability and Title of the Goods :-   By accepting the Multimodal Transport Document the consignor and his transferees agree with the Multimodal Transport Operator that, unless it is marked "non- negotiable" it shall constitute title to the goods and the holder, by endorsement of this Multimodal Transport Document, shall be entitled to  receiver to transfer the goods mentioned in this Multimodal Transport Document.

Effect of Issuance of Multimodal Transport Document

The Issuance of  the Multimodal Transport Document confers and imposes on all parties having or acquiring hereafter an interest in the right/obligations and defences set out in the conditions mentioned in the document . By the issuance of the Multimodal Transport Document the Multimodal Transport Operator ; a)    -----Undertakes to perform and/or his own name to procure performance of the Multimodal Transport including all services which are necessary to such transport from the time of taking goods in charge to the time of delivery . b)    -----Accept responsibility for the act of omission of his agents or servants , when such agents or servants are acting within their scope of their employment , as if such act and omission were own . c)   -----Accept responsibility for the act and omission of any other person whose service he uses for the performance of contract evidenced by the Multimodal Transport Document . d)   -----Undertakes to perform or to procure performance

Inventory and Warehouse

  Inventory  Inventory plays a key role in Logistics Management . The inventories that are directly affected due to outbound logistics are ;_ -----     Finished goods inventory -----     Pipeline inventory (Primary Transaction) -----     Warehousing inventory -----     Pipeline inventory (Secondary Transaction) -----     Retail inventory The typical cost trade - offs between inventory an others decisions in Logistics would be :- -----     Inventory vs Transportation costs -----     Inventory vs Stock out costs -----     Inventory vs spoilage and material handling cost . Warehousing  The purpose of warehousing is to arrange placement of products , provide storage facility , consolidate them with other and similar products , divide them into smaller quantities and to build up a required assortment of products . The necessities of providing warehousing are ; -----     To get continuous and uninterrupted supply in the market area . -----     To achieve full

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